Optimal Moveset for Quaxly, Quaxwell, and Quaquaval in Pokemon GO

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Pokemon GO players can access the best PvP and PvE movesets for Quaxly, Quaxwell, and Quaquaval following this guide.

Pokemon GO adds a set of starter Pokemon from Pladea, changing the game’s meta and battle strategies. The recent event, A Paldean Adventure, offers multiple new monsters, including Quaxly and its evolutions, Quaxwell, and Quaquaval. These Pokemon offer a versatile moveset to utilize for PvE and PvP battles.

Pokemon GO players can encounter Quaxly in the wild, from Research tasks, or through egg spawn. Evolving Quaxly into Quaxwell costs trainers 25 candy; adding 100 more candy can evolve this Pokemon into Quaquaval. Trainers sought after these monsters due to their dynamic PvE and PvP abilities. This guide details the best movesets for Quaxly, Quaxwell, And Quaquaval.

Pokemon GO: Best Quaxly Moveset

Best Moveset For Quaxly Pokemon GO

Quaxly is a solo Water-type Pokemon with a maximum Pokemon GO CP of 1215. The monster has an astounding stat spread, with 120 (ATK), (86) DEF, and (146) STA.

Quaxly has 5 moves, which include 2 Fast Moves with 1 Flying and Water-type and 3 Charged Moves of Flying and Water-type. While these moves may not inflict notable damage against powerhouses, they are still effective against Pokemon of its tier. Among these moves, 3 can activate the Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB) effect.

Quaxly’s best moveset consists of Water Gun and Liquidation with a combined DPS of 6.28. Both moves can trigger the Pokemon GO STAB effect.

Water gun, the Water-type Fast Move, inflicts increased damage to Fire, Ground, and Rock-type Pocket Monsters. And, Liquidation is a Water-type Charged Move that does extra damage to Fire, Ground, and Rock-type Pokemon. The damage power of these moves increases during rainy weather.

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Pokemon GO: Best Quaxwell Moveset

Best Moveset For Quaxwell Pokemon GO

Quaxly can evolve into Quaxwell using 25 Pokemon GO Candy, with a maximum CP of 2007. Quaxwell has a somewhat balanced stat spread with a little focus on its endurance, 162 (ATK), 123 (DEF), and 172 (STA).

The monster possesses 5 moves: 2 Fast Moves and 3 Charged Moves sharing Flying and Water-type attributes. Out of all these moves, 3 can trigger the Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB) effect.

The best Pokemon GO moveset for Quaxwell is Water Gun and Liquidation, which has a DPS of 8.82.

Water Gun is a Water-type Fast Move with boosted damage ability in rainy weather. The Water-typing of this move works as a counter to Fire, Ground, and Rock-type Pokemon. Liquidation is a Water-type Charged Move with a damage boost in rainy weather and also deals increased damage against Fire, Ground, and Rock-type monsters. Both these moves can trigger the STAB effect.

Pokemon GO: Best Quaquaval Moveset

Best Moveset For Quaquaval Pokemon GO

Quaquaval evolves from Quaxwell for 100 Candy. Quaquaval is a dual Water and Fighting-type with a maximum Pokemon GO CP of 3193. The monster has an attack-centric stat spread of 236(ATK), 159(DEF), and 198(STA).

Its move pool consists of 5 moves: 2 Fast Moves with Flying and Water-type attacks and 4 Charged Moves with Fighting, Flying, and Water-type moves. Except for the Flying-type Fast and Charged Moves, all the other moves have STAB potential.

The best Pokemon GO moveset for Quaquaval consists of Water Gun and LIquidation with a combined DPS of 12.70.

Quaquaval’s Water-type Fast Move, Water Gun, deals extra damage to Fire, Rock, and Ground-type Pokemon. Liquidation is also a Water-type Charged Move that’s useful against Fire, Ground, and Rock-type monsters. Both these attacks have boosted damage during rainy weather and STAB potential.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android.

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