Pokemon: 8 top Episodes of bonnie, with links ranked

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Bonnie joined Ash for his journey throughout the Kalos region, and had several memorable moments along the way.

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Ash Ketchum from Pokemon has encountered and traveled with many friends and rivals throughout his journey to become a Pokemon master. Although Bonnie does make a guest appearance in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series, when Ash arrives in the Kalos region in Pokemon the Series: XY, she and her brother Clemont become Ash’s travel companions.

Clemont is of course the Lumiose City Gym Leader, but his adorable sister, Bonnie, also plays a significant part in Ash’s journey through the Kalos region. There are a few Pokemon episodes that focus specifically on Bonnie, and these have her best moments.

8 : Splitting Heirs!

Although Bonnie and her brother, Clemont, generally get along well, this episode starts with a fight between the two, as he insists that she eats her vegetables. This episode explores how they resolve their argument by learning from two other brothers they meet: Blake and Heath.

Blake and Heath’s father sends them on a treasure hunt, but they are attacked by Exploud, which later turns out to be their father’s Pokemon. The brothers are forced to work together to defeat Exploud, which also inspires Clemont and Bonnie to resolve their differences and grow as siblings.

7 : Foggy Pokemon Orienteering!

This episode is all about friendship, as Bonnie and Pikachu are rescued by their friends during Pokemon Orienteering at Professor Sycamore’s summer camp. While trying to meet their checkpoints in the forest, a thick fog rolls in and Bonnie and Pikachu get separated from the others.

Although the two teams — Team Froakie and Team Squirtle — are neck-in-neck, they decide to forego the competition to search for Bonnie and Pikachu. After finding them, the heroes are rewarded with spotting a mysterious antlered Pokemon that makes flowers bloom as it passes through.

6 : So You're Having a Bad Day!

In a surprising turn of events in this episode, Bonnie is separated from her friends and has to end up working with Meowth from Team Rocket to resolve a misunderstanding with three angry Pangoro. Bonnie gets hit by a Spore attack, but is soon healed after Dedenne and Meowth find a berry for her.

Meowth acts as a translator between the heroes and the Pangoro when everyone is finally reunited, and it turns out that they are angry because they think Bonnie and her friends stole their berries. Eventually the real culprits are revealed: Team Rocket!

5 : From A to Z!

This episode sets in motion the events of a few great Season 19 episodes to follow. In the episode “From A to Z”, Bonnie discovers a strange small green Pokemon in her bag, which turns out to be sought after by a mysterious group wearing red, called Team Flare.

Bonnie decides to call this Pokemon Squishy, and it ends up traveling with the heroes for a few more episodes. Team Flare needs Squishy for their covert Operation Z, and although Bonnie and her friends manage to protect Squishy for now, Team Flare is not done with them.

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4 : To Find a Fairy Flower!

While brushing out her hair, Bonnie tries a new flower accessory only to discover that a sad-looking Flabébé is latching onto it. It turns out that Flabébé lost its flower after a car blew it away, and so Bonnie and her friends decide to find a new one for the Pokemon.

Unfortunately, Flabébé does not want just any flower. It wants a Fairy Flower, which is very hard to obtain. They eventually find a Fairy Flower high upon a cliff, and since Flabébé is too weak to get it, Bonnie climbs the dangerous cliff and gets the flower. In this episode, Bonnie’s kindness saves the day, as Flabébé then helps them to get Pikachu back from Team Rocket.

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3 : Seeking Shelter from the Storm!

In this eerie episode, the heroes and Team Rocket seek shelter from a storm in what turns out to be a haunted mansion. Bonnie discovers that a Psychic-type Pokemon named Espurr is responsible for all the strange happenings, and she befriends the Pokemon.

Espurr takes Bonnie on a quest to help it find the lady that gave it the pendant it is wearing. The heroes eventually discover that the new owner’s grandmother was the one who gave Espurr its pendant. Unfortunately Espurr hears the news that she has passed away, but the new owner, Elise, welcomes Espurr to stay in the mansion with her.


2 : The Tiny Caretaker!

Bonnie is the hero again as she frees and befriends a Tyrunt that is stuck between two rocks. It turns out that Tyrunt escaped from Team Rocket, who caught it in hopes of evolving it into a powerful Tyrantrum.

Team Rocket returns to recapture Tyrunt (and nab a few other Pokemon while they’re at it) but lose as Tyrunt evolves into Tyrantrum during the battle. It turns out that Tyrantrum already has a Trainer as it comes from the Pokemon Fossil Research Lab, so it cannot stay with Bonnie, but she is determined to meet her new friend again in the future.

1 : Bonnie for the Defense!

In this touching episode, Bonnie joins a team of children to help protect an injured Lapras from Team Rocket and return it to its home in the ocean. While exploring the forest, Bonnie encounters three kids who do not trust adults. They take her to meet their friend, Lapras, who is suffering from a fever.

Bonnie manages to convince them to let Nurse Joy have a look at the sick Pokemon, and although reluctant at first, they eventually agree. In the end, Bonnie and the kids defeat Team Rocket and take the healed Lapras back to its family in the open ocean.

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