Pokemon Horizons: Liko and Roy's True capacity As Mian Characters

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With the departure of Ash, fans were introduced to Liko and Roy and the mystery revolving around a pendant and mysterious Poke Ball.

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When looking back at Ash’s journey during his time in the Pokemon franchise, outside a few movies Ash didn’t have that much of a signature item that could be much considered of a significant plot point in the future. Of course, it’s not like he needed one at the time. Ash’s goal to become the Pokemon Master consisted of him doing the Gym Battles across varying regions and even becoming Pokemon Champion, so it’s not like the overall plot of a singular item such as his hat was focused. Which brings forth Liko and Roy as the new protagonists in the upcoming Pokemon Horizons, who, outside of having new Pokemon partners from the Paldea region, now have signature items that are important to them and most likely related to the overall plot of their story. More importantly, the potential that Liko and Roy have as protagonists is a conversation that many fans of the community wonder. What potential do the two new protagonists have, and why is it related to the pendant and mysterious Poke ball from Liko and Roy respectively?

As many watched the reveal trailer for Pokemon Horizons on multiple media platforms, one important detail seemed to be surrounding the new main characters. Not just their relatively unique designs, or even their personalities with what little we were given, but select few pieces of dialogue that implied that Liko’s pendant harbored some mystery and important relevance to the story. The trailer seems to imply something about a shiny Rayquaza, but more importantly than that it could have something to do with legendary Pokemon in general. What exactly the pendant does isn’t clear or revealed completely yet, but regardless it ties Liko into the story on a different scale when compared to Ash’s previous journey. Roy also seems to be an important character thanks to his unique Pokemon, but Liko and Roy’s potential isn’t just restricted to their unique items but also the main theme of the story from what we can gather.


Liko And Roy's Narrative Potential

Liko and Roy may be fresh faces and protagonists for the Pokemon Horizons journey, but it is undeniable that as main protagonists they exude potential for a different story and more personal character-driven storytelling. Even if the pendant and mysterious Poke Ball both have some relevance, Liko and Roy will seem to be the characters that are focused on the most. Certainly as Pokemon trainers, but also as people individually by themselves. The opening narration of the trailer provides hints that the story will revolve around Liko and Roy expanding their horizons beyond what they already know and into the vast Pokemon world that many of us are so familiar with. However, there also seems to be a different direction the story is taking in terms of the plot as they seem to veer away from Pokemon Leagues or Gym Leaders.

When looking at Liko and Roy as a whole, the two of them are more likely to have a very different journey compared to how Ash’s went, for there doesn’t seem to be a massive focus on having Gym Leaders or going through a Pokemon league yet. Instead, this feels like a story about self-discovery for Liko and Roy, with a deeper mystery surrounding the pendant and mystery Poke Ball. The reason this shows a great potential with these two characters could be a different, albeit more character-driven narrative between the two. From what we can gather about their personalities and the trailer’s reveal, the two rising trainers will have contrasting personalities and goals overall when compared to Ash’s goal, as well as the companions he grew to have over the course of his journey.

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Will This Be A Major Change?

While Liko and Roy no doubt have a good majority of potential as characters, the only issue one could have with these two characters is the possibility that they may not bring about much of a change in the formula of the Pokemon franchise. After all, until the first episode premiers and provides the audience more details such as Liko and Roy’s personality, the role the Explorer’s have in the story, as well as what the pendant and Poke Ball are supposed to mean; fans are likely to be skeptical about the direction of the story and Liko and Roy’s position as main characters. There is also the fact that Liko and Roy don’t have the same familiarity as Ash has had over 25 years in the Pokemon anime, making them more likely to be criticized for any character flaws or possible inconsistencies in the story if any arise. Despite all these possibilities for a disastrous or at best mediocre introduction, there isn’t too much to worry about when it comes to it being a major change in the story.

Liko and Roy are certainly fresh faces in the world of Pokemon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be counted out as not making an impact. After all, for the first time in the Pokemon franchise we are witnessing the start of new characters and their journey after decades with Ash as their flagship main character. This story will change in the next few episodes, considering a new generation will experience it. The changes that Pokemon as a whole will experience not only applies to the potential that Liko and Roy hold, but also to explore the world of Pokemon on a deeper, more personal level that goes beyond Gym battles and Poemon leagues, and into a journey of self-discovery amidst wonderful creatures.


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