At the Eevee Evolution Laboratory, a female Eevee intensely watches her evolutions and tries to mimic some of them. First, she tries strutting like Sylveon, only to trip on a stone her path, before trying to swim like Vaporeon and nearly drowning in the process. Head of the Laboratory, Matsubara, spots the Eevee and brings her into the lab to continue more experiments. She and her assistants try a Fire Stone first, but Eevee doesn’t evolve as expected. The Thunder Stone also fails to trigger an evolution, leaving the scientists baffled.

On their way to school, Goh asks Chloe why she hasn’t caught any Pokémon yet. Chloe replies that she has Yamper, though Goh remarks that Yamper actually belongs to her father and again presses for an answer. Chloe admits she probably won’t catch any Pokémon, revealing that she wants to make her own decisions instead of feeling any pressure to follow in her father’s footsteps as a researcher. Goh apologizes, and Chloe thanks him, adding that she will decide her own path in her own time. Chloe then wonders why Goh is attending school today, and he admits that he promised the teacher that he would attend school on any test days.

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Arriving at school, the teacher orders Goh to leave any Pokémon in the school yard to play. As expected, Sobble is overwhelmed by its emotions and starts crying instantly at the thought of being left alone in the school yard with all the other Pokémon. Goh calls out his Cinderace to comfort Sobble, and it quickly finds the task to be daunting. Spying from the bushes, Team Rocket spots an opportunity to steal all of the students’ Pokémon and soon don school student disguises.

The Eevee wanders out of the Laboratory after spotting Yamper, who has abandoned Ash on one of his walks, going past. Eevee tries mimicking Yamper’s waddling walk and sneeze, leading her to be discovered. Yamper instantly becomes aggressive, and Eevee copies his intimidation attempt before trying to tackle Yamper, which fails miserably. Initially annoyed by the stranger, Yamper happily greets the Eevee with a wag of his tail. The lab assistants, armed with a net, chase after the Eevee, however Eevee and Yamper run away. Ash soon notices the pursuit, and is left confused when he sees Yamper and an Eevee being chased. The runaway duo reach the school gates, where Yamper quickly picks up Chloe’s scent and they escape into the school yard.

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